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“A very pleasant visit. Dr Davis is professional, and easy to do business with. I'll recommend him to family, friends, anyone who takes hearing seriously. And the best thing is my appointment started on time. No waiting.”


“Dr Davis inspected, programmed & fit the aids into my wife’s ears. She hasn’t heard out of one in 35 years. He fine tuned them to her ears after testing her hearing thoroughly, with his very state of the art equipment. His office is a small house that he wonderfully transformed into his office. We are very impressed by such a kind, caring man who wasn’t trying to push us out the door in a hurry. He doesn’t try to sell you any products. An excellent audiologist in this day of age. Perfect!”


“Dr. Davis takes genuine interest in his patients and their hearing health. He takes his time during appointments to ensure that patients and family members truly understand the diagnosis and treatment plan. He is welcoming and supportive and offers a variety of options for his patients. He encourages patients and family member to play an and active role in decision making and I always feel like my needs are met. I am more than satisfied with the services he provides and would recommend him to anyone who is curious about the possibility of hearing and understanding better.”

M. M.

"Dr. Davis is profoundly knowledgeable about hearing technology and, more impressively, knows how to translate this information to a patient struggling with everyday communication and acoustic awareness. His ability to understand a patient's priority is eminent when the patient returns with a face illuminated with excitement of family time improved by hearing care."


"If you want the cheapest, go to Costco! If you want the best service, go to Dr. Davis."

D.R. and R.R.

"Dr Davis is an excellent clinician. He stays on top of the current research in our field and incorporates best practice clinical decision making into his private practice. Little Rock is fortunate to have him!"

Amyn Amlani, Ph.D.

“I feel incredibly lucky to have Dr. Davis as my audiologist. Not only is he always up on the latest technology, but he sets my hearing aids with my daily activities in mind, and is friendly and welcoming. He takes a lot of time learning about my hearing problems and explaining in detail how to use my aids. His office is a warm no-pressure peaceful environment.”

K. Young, M.D. 
"As a former student of Dr. Davis, I can’t begin to say how much I learned from him! He creates a very comfortable and welcoming environment for patients which is great as a student to get the opportunity to see. There are not enough words to describe how wonderful Dr. Davis is, both as a clinician and as a person."Holly Mergist
"Dr. Davis is such an excellent clinician. As an Audiology student, I was able to train under him and see how well he treats/cares for his patients. Dr. Davis 100% puts his patients first, and it was such a pleasure being able to learn from him. He is so willing to help patients in whatever way possible, and I hope to one day be as compassionate, patient, and understanding with my patients as he is with his."                                         Katlynne Dunn                                                      
"Very seldom does a person find a service provider (e.g. car mechanic, plumber, doctor, lawyer) that is willing to go over and above what is the bare minimum, well I found someone in Dr. Bradley Davis.  I have needed hearing aids for over 10 years, but I could not stand the high pressure over sales,  free dinner offers, etc.  I was needing medical devices fitted to me by a trained medical professional, not a damn timeshare!  Dr. Davis has taken hours listening to me about my needs and fitting me with just the right hearing aids.  I was not just another sale.  I am so blessed that our paths have crossed.  He has changed my life!  If you have hearing problems please see him soon.  I think you will be as pleased as I am."                                                                                                             Mark Baldwin