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Our History

With over a decade of experience in academic fields as an Assistant professor at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center New Orleans, and current position as an adjunct faculty member of the UAMS Audiology department, Dr. Davis has been an instructor and mentor for generations of Doctor of Audiology students. Specialties include: communication evaluations and hearing instrument fitting, auditory rehabilitation, Auditory Processing Disorder testing and recommendations, tinnitus evaluations and therapies, and custom hearing protection devices. 

Dr. Davis' courses include Advanced Hearing Aid fitting, Medical Audiology, Tinnitus, Advanced Diagnostics, Auditory Evoked Potentials, Psychoacoustics and Speech Perception, Gerontology, and Instrumentation.

It became clear through speaking with his UAMS students, that Little Rock, Arkansas was in need of a research based, best-practice approach to audiologic care, and especially in the dispensation of hearing aids and services.

Founded in 2018, and led by Dr. Davis, Medical Hearing Associates of Arkansas is committed to its mission that a medical model, best practice approach to hearing healthcare is an essential addition to the Little Rock, Arkansas community.

Bradley Davis, Au.D.

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